Dr Renaud Facials


£50.00   60 minutes

A targeted response to every skin need with sensory expert facial skincare that provides results and well-being, the therapist will choose from either the Raspberry, Camomile, Lime, Iris or the Men’s Prickly Pear to coax your skin back to blooming! This facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, intensive serum, mask and moisturiser.


£38.00   30 minutes

When time is short or your skin needs a quick ‘pick me up’ this mini express facial ticks all the boxes, it includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, intensive serum, mask and moisturiser. 

 the skincare ranges for these facials 

Raspberry Hydrating​

A true “hydrating bath” for the skin. This treatment offers an absolute freshness and a sensation of comfort thanks to its mask enriched in organic Raspberry and hydrating active ingredients. Your skin regains its radiance, suppleness and comfort

Camomile Soothing

Calming facial particularly for dry, reactive and sensitive skin. Using ingredients of Organic and Sea Camomile recognised for their soothing properties. Specialised digito-harmony pressure point massage and a cooling gel mask will leave the skin feeling calm and soothed.

Lime Purifying

The Lime will purifying while the powerful Vitamin C will brighten, tighten pores leaving the skin looking fresh and deep down cleansed. Great for combination skins and those tending towards oily with the occasional breakouts and you feel the skin needs some purification.

Iris Early Signs of Ageing

This majestic flower will strengthens and protect the layers of the skin, helping to prevent lines and wrinkles. Perfect to keep your skin looking fresh, supple, smooth and young; specifically designed for the early signs of ageing.

Men's Prickly Pear Care

The “BARBARIANE COMPLEX” provides a specific solution to the men’s skins needs. Men’s skin can often be weakened by external aggression, shaving, stress, environmental factors, etc. By combining 3 extracts of Prickly Pear these products will help to soothe the skin, hydrate, nourish and protect.

Carrot Radiance Express Facial

£45.00 45 mins

This intensive radiance facial uses fresh activated 20% vitamin C with orange extract, combined with an express radiance massage technique rapidly boosting the micro-circulation helping absorption of the active ingredients to boost the face’s radiance.

Rose Plumping Anti Age Facial

£60.00 1 hr 15mins

A professional 2 mask treatment specially designed for demanding and mature skin that is showing all signs of ageing. An exfoliating mask that stimulates cell renewal and plumps the face with its unique fizzing action helping boost the oxygenation of the skin. A 3C collagen bio-mask forms a second skin on the face to release its active ingredients. The skin is deeply moisturised and appears plump from within. The face regains its youthful appearance, intensely plumping the skin to feel firmer and smoother leaving the skin bright and radiant.

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